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Your appraisal

  • Leading Appraisees in the Dutch Caribbean
    Do you need a mortgage, are you going to buy or sell or rent a home, do you want to renovate, insure, or are you dealing with an estate division? Then request an appraisal via CONNECT. You will be connected automatically with the best appraisers on the island.

  • Reporting on Underlying Property Condition
    All reports detail the condition of the property, ownership and underlying legal conditions in a high quality and easy to read report

  • Detailed and In Depth
    All elements that influence the value of your property are included in the reports

  • Full Market Coverage
    Recognized by all financial institutions

  • Standardised Costs
    No hidden costs. Know the fees in advance of the appraisal based on the property cost

  • Quick Delivery
    An appraisal report is typically performed and delivered within 6 working days

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Why do you need an appraisal report

You need the valuation report for a financing application or for tax or legal purposes. This report can be made of an existing home or a home to be (re) built. In a valuation report, the private sale value (market value), forced sale value and reconstruction value are determined and described. If it concerns a renovation, the value after construction is also determined, this can be done on the basis of a specification drawing and a budget. The report includes a detailed description of the registered property, an architectural description, a photo report and all necessary documents.

Valuation letter

You can use a letter of value for a purchase or sale decision, rental or rental decision, or for insurance purposes only. It is a concise version of the valuation report containing the private sale value (market value), the forced sale value or the rebuild value. A brief description of the property and some photos are also displayed.

Construction report

This report provides a report on the state of affairs and the progress of your (new) construction work. Your lender will ask for these progress reports during the construction of your home, so that they can pay out the next construction period.

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All deals provided on the CONNECT platform are subject to credit check and documents verification by the financial institution.

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