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  • Lowest interest rates on the market (4.75%)
    Through CONNECT you can obtain the lowest interest rates in Curaçao & St. Maarten

  • Longest payback period (35 years)
    CONNECT enables extended payback periods provided proof of income (65+)

  • 100% financing possibility
    Finance up to 100% of the market value of your future home

  • Great insurance offers
    Inter-Assure provides a transparent overview of the best insurance offers available for you

  • Receive your pre-approval within 2 business days
    Quickly receive a preliminary deal that caters to your specific needs and wants

  • Fast, reliable and 100% digital application process
    Complete your entire mortgage, life, content & property insurance applications from start to finish in the comfort of your home. Receive and provide all required documents through CONNECT and chat with your account manager directly.

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How much could I borrow?

Find out how much you indicative can borrow for your dream house and what your monthly costs look like. The mortgage calculator is a quick and easy way to help you work out how much you could borrow. The actual amount you could borrow will depend on some factors, such as your monthly income, the amount of property's collateral and your monthly outgoing costs. Once you have an idea of how much you can borrow and afford, you can request for the best deal at the mortgage providers.


What will my monthly mortgage payment look like?

This mortgage calculator will give you a general idea of your monthly payment. Although it is a convenient tool when exploring your mortgage options, please note that it only offers a rough estimation, excluding possible bank charges and insurance premiums. No rights can be derived from the information that this calculator provides.


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All deals provided on the CONNECT platform are subject to credit check and documents verification by the financial institution.

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