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Applying for a car loan at CONNECT is fast, easy and free. Fill in the application form and send out your request. Let the CONNECT platform do the rest. All major Financial Institutions will evaluate and compete. The CONNECT system will only show you the best terms available.

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Create your unique account at CONNECT

Step 2

Choose the financial product you desire and complete your online application form in minutes!

Step 3

Upload your ID / Passport and submit the online application form

Step 4

Receive the best deal within 2 business days through the CONNECT one-stop-shop

Step 5

Finalize supporting documents and sign the best deal available for you!


Whether you are looking to buy a new home or insure your car, CONNECT enables you to apply online and quickly obtain the best deal from leading financial institutions on the market. Get your deal through CONNECT!

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All deals provided on the CONNECT platform are subject to credit check and documents verification by the financial institution.

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